A young woman’s body is pulled from the frozen Danube in Bratislava, Slovakia. After an initial perception that the woman was a suicide, an autopsy reveals she has, in fact, been murdered. The apparent weapon is an ice-pick. Commander Jana Matinova recognizes the use of an ice-pick as the signature weapon of a vicious international killer named Koba. Long thought dead by a multiplicity of law enforcement agencies, Koba has suddenly reappeared. Added to this, Matinova’s investigation reveals that this first death is only one of a number of similar homicides committed throughout Europe. Inexorably, as Matinova’s investigation takes her through the continent, she is also pulled into the center of an international conspiracy involving hundreds of millions of dollars…with Matinova herself now becoming the hunted as well as the hunter. Despite the growing personal danger Matinova mounts a  relentless search for the truth…along with a personal quest to finally bring dignity to those who have been murdered.

Praise for “For the Dignified Dead.”

“Compelling…The chilly European setting is the perfect backdrop to very dark deeds…meticulously plotted.”
-Publishers Weekly

“A crackling undercurrent. Jana steals the show.”   -Booklist

“I really enjoyed the novel.” Jana Matinova is “One of my favorite European characters.”  -Goodreads

“Genelin doesn’t disappoint…A breath of fresh air…Commander Jana Matinova is a champ.”
-Seattle Book Mama