Michael Genelin

Michael Genelin is a writer, lawyer and an international consultant in government reform. He is the author of five highly acclaimed novels,”FOR THE DIGNIFIED DEAD”, “REQUIEM FOR A GYPSY”, “THE MAGICIAN’S ACCOMPLICE”, “DARK DREAMS” and “SIREN OF THE WATERS”.

Born in New York, Michael moved to California where he earned a BA in political science from UCLA and later returned for a Juris Doctor from the UCLA School of Law. Thereafter, as a Deputy District Attorney in the LA District Attorney’s office he prosecuted hundreds of cases, including such major trials as the murder of Sal Mineo. As Head Deputy of the Hard Core Gang Division, Michael supervised the prosecution of all major gang crimes in Los Angeles County, primarily murders. As a leading authority on gangs in the United States, he trained other prosecutors and law enforcement agencies in gang investigation, trial practice and gang suppression throughout the U.S.A. Michael has travelled extensively at home and abroad advising government agencies and legislative bodies charged with gang suppression. All in all, he has been both a practitioner and an innovator in the criminal justice system.

Leaving the District Attorney’s office Michael began work as an International Consultant in Government Reform, focusing on major issues as an anti-corruption expert; advising on investigation and trial of money laundering cases, fraud, conspiracy, trial techniques, speedy trial rights, transparency in government and other major issues. He assisted in drafting laws to suppress corrupt practices and to reform court rules and penal statutes. On his first assignment for the government of Slovakia, Michael worked as an adviser to the Attorney General, Ministry of Justice, Police and Judiciary. Living there for three years he helped develop the Freedom of Information Act for the country, and aided in rewriting their Penal Code. Thereafter, Michael lived and worked in Palestine on a USAID project during the height of the Intifada. He subsequently lived and worked in Nepal, South Sudan, Indonesia and Tanzania on major reforms, primarily as an anti-corruption expert, an advisor on investigation and trial of money laundering cases, frauds and conspiracies, as well as other major enforcement problems. As well, he assisted in drafting laws to suppress corrupt practices and to assure compliance with due process and the rights of the citizenry.

Michael has written for the stage, movies and television. A number of his plays were produced in Los Angeles at such venues as the Mark Taper Forum. He has had movies options by major film companies and has written episodes of tv shows such as Simon and Simon, Jake and the Fat Man, and others. Michael was also a technical advisor for TV shows such as Crime in America. He now focuses on writing novels.

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