Jana Matinova witnesses the public assasination of prominent businessman’s wife. The woman’s husband and son promptly disappear, and Jana must then, despite her government’s orders, and its active opposition, discover what connects the murder of the wife in Bratislava, the hit and run death of an old man in Paris, a Turkish criminal who has been ice-picked to death, and an international network of bank accounts linked to the darkest days of the Sloavak past. Even more, what does all this have to do with a vagabond girl who attaches herself to Jana, and who seems to be connected to the notorious international criminal, Koba? To solve this case, and stop a series of ongoing murders, Jana must go to Vienna, Berlin and Paris searching for clues. These clues lead her to a long kept secret, milions of dollars and the final chapter in the bitter history of the Gypsy.

Praise for Requiem For a Gypsy

“Requiem For A Gypsy is most certainly a complex yet deeply rewarding mystery”
-Mysterious Reviews

“Rich in compelling plot twists and sobering history lessons. It showcases Genelin’s skills as a writer. Buckle up, this is going to be wild ride.”
-Washington Post

“Genelin once again makes present-day Slovakia a compelling backdrop for murder in his superb fourth novel featuring Police Commander Jana Matinova.
-Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

“(Genelin) depicts vividly the effects of old-syle corruption on the burgeroning democratic society in present day Slovakia, and can weave together a fast-moving whodunit populated with flamboyant characters who flit through the European Capitals…Every character, major or minor in the plot, just about jumps off the page. Mr. Genelin seems incapable of writing a dull page.
-Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“Jana, one of the more intriguing characters in fictional thrillerdom makes fallibility seem like a virtue.”
-Kirkus Reviews

“This is one of the better international mystery series currently available.”

“If you enjoy Requiem For a Gypsy the way I have (twice) you may want them all (all of the Jana Matinova books)
-Kingdom Books

“REQUIEM FOR A GYPSY” | Michael Genelin