Jana Matinova is called to a posh Bratislava hotel to investigate the killing of a charming young student who is eating breakfast at the time he is brutally murdered. Shortly after she finishes with the crime scene Jana goes to her lover’s office, only to find that he has been killed by an explosive planted in his telephone. Neither murder seems related, yet both must be connected in some way. To keep her away from the murder investigations in Slovakia, ostensibly to find a Slovak officer who has suddenly disappeared from his job at Europol, Jana is shipped out of Bratislava. On the plane to The Hague she meets an aging magician, and the two of them team up to discover an international criminal conspiracy that threatens to destroy the framework of European law enforcement. And, in their search across Europe, Jana becomes the hunted, isolated from her own people, no longer able to trust anyone to aid her in escaping the killers who are now searching for her.

Praise for  The Magician’s Accomplice

“Genelin, like a consummate conjurer himself, effectively deploys a complex story and cast of characters to dazzle the reader and pull more than a few rabbits out of the hat.” -The Boston Globe

“Mr. Genelin’s plot contains a great twist. It’s very 21st Century. …An insider’s look…” -The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“Genelin brilliantly blends action and detection, never allowing the plot twists to overshadow his characters’ humanity.” -Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“The Magician’s Accomplice is a classic police drama and mystery complete with fine dedication to principles. It is a joy to read because author Genelin knows how to write, in the best sense of the word.” -The New York Journal of Books

“In this exceptionally wrought story full of cloak and dagger suspense…this makes the third series title perhaps the best yet.” -The Library Journal (Starred review)

“A superb example of a police procedural…It is one of the years best in the genre.” -Hidden Staircase Mystery Books

“Jana Matinova is an intelligent investigator and an intriguing woman. Along with authenticity of place, (the book) presents a relationship that is one of the treasures of this novel.” -Milwaukee Journal Sentinel